What is the new driving force for fashion, technology and art?

What is the new driving force for fashion, technology and art?What is the new driving force for fashion, technology and art?

2019 Beijing Fashion Summit Forum on Cross-Border Integration

With the further integration of the fashion industry and the new economy, Chinese consumption is gradually upgrading to brand consumption and quality consumption. It is also a market trend and requirement of the digital economy to focus on the consumer and reconstruct brand innovation, product services, and consumer experience as the core. . The Beijing Fashion Summit Forum, which is one of the important sections of the 2019 Beijing Fashion Week, gave a full answer to how to use the “Internet +” thinking to drive the rapid growth of consumer demand and the optimization of consumption structure to achieve the upgrade of fashion consumption.

On September 3, the 2019 Beijing Fashion Summit opened at Tsinghua Art Museum. The theme of this forum is “cross-border, integration, consumption”, the theme is “technology empowers fashion to open a new era of consumption”, and through the analysis of the new ecology of fashion consumption, the fashion industry in the digital economy era will be upgraded for sustainable development Discuss with topics such as fashion consumption and digital driving model for brand building, and provide suggestions for the integrated development of fashion and technology industries in Beijing, so as to fully focus on the value of the platform, open cross-border win-win, focus on brand fashion, promote integration and co-existence, and focus on Creative design, leading consumer upgrade, comprehensive upgrade empowers fashion Beijing.

Forum is in the collision of wisdom, to sort out the context of the fashion industry, to interpret the new needs of consumer groups under the change of social structure and intergenerational changes, and provide a valuable perspective.

Wu Li, chairman of Beijing Fashion Holdings Co., Ltd. stated in his speech that Beijing is a world-famous historical and cultural city. The fashion industry with culture, creativity, design and technology as its core elements is an important industrial support for the construction of a national cultural center in Beijing. In the process of economic structure and transformation, fashion can become a kind of wisdom like technology. At the same time, the fashion industry is further integrated with the new economy. With the help of the forum’s platform, it will focus on cutting-edge information and valuable opinions of experts and scholars, make better and more reasonable use of research results, effectively integrate related resources, and make science and technology a new driving force for the growth of the fashion economy. All contribute wisdom and strength.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Tsinghua University addressed Po Tao. He pointed out that China is transforming from a big manufacturing country to a big brand country. Technology, fashion, and green are becoming new positioning and new labels for the clothing industry in the new era. Educators in the fields of design and fashion should seize rare opportunities and practice cultural self-confidence. , Shoulder the heavy responsibility of the times.

In recent years, Tsinghua University has shown a more international development trend in the field of fashion design research and education. At the same time, it has also played an active role in cultivating outstanding talents in the Chinese fashion industry and promoting international fashion industry exchanges.

I hope that through the cross-border thinking collision of this forum, we will explore the new theory, new ecology, and new pattern of the development of Beijing’s fashion industry from all angles, promote the mutual progress of industries, universities and enterprises, and focus on the cooperation of production, education and research. Go deeper and promote high-quality development of the industry.

Subsequently, Sun Huaibin, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation, delivered a speech and delivered a keynote speech on the topic of “recyclable consumer fashion and waste textile recycling”. He said that the consumption of recycled products belongs to the category of green sustainable development. If it can be recognized by the market and become a leader, it can become a fashion. At present, there are a large number of domestic textiles that are no longer used, such as old clothes and old quilts, and there are still obstacles in terms of system, technology, and consumption in terms of resource reuse. In the future, it is suggested to improve the solution from the establishment of a recycling system based on the Internet, and the establishment of large-scale, precise, and modern sorting centers for old clothes and old clothes in metropolises. At the same time, with the help of Beijing Fashion Week’s guidance on green ecological consumption , Pushing consumer new fashion to a new height.

Wang Yao, the vice president of China Business Federation, gave a keynote speech on the theme of “Technology and Culture Helping Business Transformation”. He pointed out that the rapid development of the Internet in the past 20 years has had a huge impact on traditional commerce, and it is also an opportunity to accelerate change. Taking the rapid development of the Internet celebrity economy in China as an example, it shows that the digital age has changed the lifestyle of consumers, making the demand for services increasingly high.

At the same time, culture brings new power to consumption. Today more and more consumers are paying attention to Chinese culture, which has formed a new Chinese cultural trend. Attention to the “most” culture is also a major feature of current domestic consumers. The digital economy can enhance the consumer experience. The main purpose of science and technology culture is to help people pursue a better life and is the main driving force for business transformation.

Zhu Yan, Dean of the Internet Industry Research Institute of Tsinghua University, gave a keynote speech entitled “‘Technology + Finance’ Enabling New Ecology for Fashion Industry”. He pointed out that the return of China’s economy to materialization also means that clothing at the top of clothing, food, housing and transportation has development opportunities. How to implement new opportunities into consumption is reflected in industrial innovation, which is very important. Technological innovation and modern finance are a pair of wings of the real economy. Tsinghua University is trying to research a “smart wardrobe” product in the reconstruction of the industry’s ecology and the promotion of bad coins to expel good coins. Through science and technology + finance, the ecological optimization of each segment is optimized to support the development of China’s overall economy. In the future, apparel companies will develop towards community-based apparel companies. How to establish and support the birth of more such companies may be the opportunity for China’s fashion industry to lead the world.

Wei Pengju, Dean of the School of Culture and Media, Central University of Finance and Economics, discussed the concept of fashion in the keynote speech entitled “Fashion Consumption and New Trends in the Cultural and Creative Industries” by sharing the views of philosophers. He said that culture has become an important driving force for social development and business. Fashion consumption is consumption based on specific cultural choices. Paying attention to the open, pluralistic, relatively free environment of modern society and people’s spiritual and cultural choices is an insight into the trend of fashion consumption. And important indicators of economic development trends.

In addition, the development of the cultural and creative industry and the integration with related industries can also drive fashion. The industry is currently undergoing structural adjustment. The place where fashion consumption is directed now seems to be the most dynamic place in the cultural and creative industry.

China’s first internationally-operated fashion brand marketing agency, NC STYLE & buyer brand incubation platform, Chen Ye, founder of NC SPACE, delivered a keynote speech on “How to make Internet technology find a suitable place in the Chinese fashion industry”. She said that the Internet is an accelerator, but in the face of clothing consumption with perceptual attributes, when it is impossible to achieve high-tech controllability, how to achieve grafting with the Internet and increase consumption with Internet thinking are urgent issues to consider, combined with the actual combat of NC The experience was shared, and it was pointed out that the leading person behind the creation of science and technology is the people, and the brand attitude is the only way to get the Internet opportunity.

O Bruno Jallot, Vice President of Retail and Strategy of Long Long Group of France, shared the theme of “Future Prospects of Technology and Fashion”. He pointed out that fashion is based on the tradition and innovation of the handicraft industry, and originates from innovation. Innovation has always been the driving force for the development of the fashion industry. Taking the application of smart clothing, blockchain, AI and other technologies in the fitness field as examples, it illustrates the digital age. Technology is an important driver of the fashion industry. In addition, technology can help companies reduce their pollution footprint, and sustainable development will extend from fiber production to retail. In the future, Longjing Group hopes to cooperate with China on the above new directions.

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