The 13 Best Laptops for Students and Freelancers 2020The 13 Best Laptops for Students and Freelancers 2020

Are you a student or freelancer and looking for a new laptop this 2020? What laptop to buy for college? Today you don’t leave without choosing your best laptop

Self-employed workers and university students need to have the best laptop always at hand.

If you do not know what laptop to buy this 2020 you are in luck. In this post I leave you the updated Ranking with the 13 best laptops for freelancers and students with exclusive discounts with all price ranges (from € 256 to € 5000).

Choose the best laptop with discount:

Lenovo Yoga 920: The all-terrain touch for € 1799.
Apple MacBook Pro 15 ″ (this is my current laptop purchased from here): The new one of 2019. Speed, battery and beauty with 512Gb for € 2799.
LG Gram: The longest battery with 21h and a great design for € 1171.
Lenovo Legion: One of the best and most powerful laptops of the moment for a very low price of € 1299 (See discount today).
Dell XPS: Space and autonomy with possibility of touch screen for € 2199
Huawei Matebook: The best alternative to the Macbook with Windows. Highly recommended for € 1199. Low availability.
HP OMEN: For gamers with this other HP OMEN with another simpler design for € 2899.
Acer Extensa: The cheapest with some model for less than € 300 next to this Asus Vivobook for € 339 highly recommended and with beautiful design or the improved version with touch screen for € 449, this Thomson SP-NEO15C with 4GB of RAM, 1TB disk, 15.6 ″ and Win 10 for € 256 or these other Asus for € 349.
And remember that as a perfect complement to your laptop you have a discount:

USB memory and USB-C (2 in 1) slim 128Gb
Microsoft Office 2019
10-in-1 USB-C hub for your Macbook
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1 Features of a laptop for a college or self-employed student
2 Types of processors
3 Ranking of best laptops for students and freelancers
4 The first: Lenovo Yoga 920 for € 1799
5 The second: Apple MacBook Pro for € 2799
6 The third: ASUS ROG for € 1,495 without operating system
7 The fourth: ASUS ZenBook for € 1499
8 The fifth: Dell XPS 13 ″ for 1999 €
9 The sixth: Huawei Matebook for € 1,299
10 The seventh: Toshiba Tecra X40-E-10U for € 2000
11 The eighth: MSI PS42 for € 949
12 The ninth: MSI GF75 for € 1,499 (9th generation)
13 The tenth: Acer Predator for € 1299
14 The eleventh: Acer Aspire E5
15 The twelfth: Microsoft Surface for € 2,495
16 The thirteenth: MSI GT75 Titan for € 4599
17 Conclusions
18 Before you go …
18.1 I want to know your opinion!
Features of a laptop for a college or self-employed student
Touch, ultrabook, 8GB of RAM, SSD hard drive, new 9XXX processors … (The 10th generation already begin to appear in some countries) are some optimal features that a laptop for a student or freelance (freelance) has to have at the time of today.

There are hundreds of laptops and comparing all the laptops on the market is not a simple task.

My friends and family always ask me which laptop to buy. They know that I am a Computer Engineer and that I love the world of technology.

This time I will go one step further and I will recommend the best laptops for everyone who works on our own and for demanding students (the ones I would buy), mainly for those of us who have a blog (bloggers) or a website ( several in my case), we edit images with Photoshop or similar, we create invoices, we program, we publish books, we use WordPress, we use Google Docs, Excel, we create presentations, we attend conferences … and we are interested that our laptop does not fail, despite it, it has Enough space and be powerful.

As I say, they are perfect for university students and freelancers.

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Types of processors
One of the most common problems is not knowing what the processor numbers mean. It’s good? Is it from the last year?

To distinguish how the types of processors are listed (In 2018 the 8XXX generation begins, in 2019 the 9XXX generation and in 2020 the 10th generation):

Intel processor types
Intel processor types
Learn more about the types of Intel processors

Ranking of best laptops for students and freelancers
In this ranking you will find laptops that will help you in your work and will not make you despair when you use them.

I do not forget the budget, but the quality is paid and in most cases it is better to pay more to last longer without giving problems than having to change laptop every year because it starts to go slow, does it sound?

Save this Ranking in your favorites since you never know when you may need it. Enjoy the 13 best laptops for students and freelancers.

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