How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras with your Phone 2020

How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras with your Phone 2020How to Detect Hidden Surveillance Cameras with your Phone 2020

Isn’t it ironic? Have a camera in places you call private: your bedroom, bathroom, personal office, dressing rooms. As a society, we have evolved to get used to observation. The video surveillance camera across the street and the digital surveillance of telephone and electronic recordings currently consulted is an irrefutable fact. The one with whom we grew up to live.

However, how do you handle the idea that your private space is being watched? How do you handle the feeling that your Airbnb host has a camera stuck in the smoke detector? Or in your night light? Such thoughts can be quite disturbing.

Do you have reason to suspect that a camera is in your immediate environment? You can find out the truth, not with specialized tools or insane technical knowledge, but with your phone.

Ready to discover hidden cameras? Follow me on this walk.

Smartphones can be used …
And yes, your phone doesn’t have to be high tech. Whatever your phone, Android or iPhone, you can use it to find hidden cameras. It may sound like a theory from a James Bond movie, but trust me, it’s very easy to do.

A careful review of applications

The first method involves the use of electromagnetic field detection applications. Basically, thanks to the installation of a single application, you can check the strength of the electromagnetic field in your environment. And, if an abnormal field is detected, you can be sure that a camera has been hidden somewhere in the room.

How do these apps work?

Whether you’re an iPhone or an Android fan, there are specific apps for both stores. The “Glint Finer” works well for Android, as does its iPhone counterpart: “Hidden Camera Detector”, although the latter has costs of $ 4.99.

Basically, both work the same way, showing the end result, which is the proximity to the hidden camera, which gives you insight into the location of your spy error.

While this is a good method for detecting hidden cameras, be aware that there are other options, including the use of thermal cameras. Get more information on thermal cameras here:

Speaking of alternatives, what if I tell you that you can detect this spy camera with your phone’s camera? It sounds like a pun, but it’s totally true.

Detect a hidden camera using your phone’s camera
This option is also available and is reliable. Here are the steps:

Open your camera app. On an iPhone, it is in the upper right corner of your home page. On an Android, it exists in different places. If you can’t locate your camera, look for it in your app drawer.

Once done, turn your camera from the rear camera to the front camera. However, if the camera is already showing your face, you should skip this step. Why do you need to use the front camera? Most rear lenses are equipped with an infrared filter function. As you will be testing the radiation emitted by the hidden camera, which is probably in the infrared spectrum, you must use the front camera to capture the emitted infrared light.

If you don’t know if your smartphone’s front camera picks up infrared light, try it with a remote control. Press any button while pointing the camera at the phone. You should see a red light on your phone.

Turn off the room lights. If you have other alternative light sources, including night lights, turn them off. Remember to also close the curtains, to keep the environment as dark as possible.

With your front camera facing you as if you were about to take a selfie, turn around a point, fixing your eye on your front camera. If it detects a red light, your spy camera may be taking a nap.

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