Fashion industry provides innovation driving force for cultural industry development

Fashion industry provides innovation driving force for cultural industry developmentFashion industry provides innovation driving force for cultural industry development

Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the main contradictions in our society have been transformed into contradictions between the people’s increasing needs for a better life and imbalanced and inadequate development. To meet the new expectations of the people for a better life, it is necessary to provide a wealth of spiritual food. The prosperity of culture is inseparable from the development and growth of the cultural industry. The spiritual and cultural life of the people needs the support of developed cultural industries. General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly pointed out: “To improve the modern cultural industry system and market system, innovate production and operation mechanisms, improve cultural economic policies, and foster new cultural formats.” This provides us with important directions for the development of cultural industries in the new era.

Some scholars believe that from the perspective of the development stage of China’s cultural industry, the first stage mainly relies on the development of local characteristic resources, and the second stage mainly manifests itself in the wave of cultural system reform. The third stage is a period mainly based on the creative economy, paying more attention to the integration of culture and technology, and the role played by creative innovation is the direction of upgrading the cultural industry. After a long period of development, China’s cultural industry has achieved leapfrog development. How to develop a creative economy and provide a strong innovation driving force for the development of the cultural industry is worth serious consideration. As an organic part of the creative economy, the fashion industry is an important yardstick for measuring the level of the creative economy, and it plays an important role in international economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation.

In today’s global market, the use of Chinese elements has become a relatively common phenomenon. In the international fashion world, cultural images with typical Chinese cultural elements, such as flowers and birds, dragons and phoenixes, and ink and wash meditation, have attracted much attention. “The nation is the world” has been best explained in the era of economic globalization. At the same time, we must also see that we still lack fashion design with sufficient influence in the world. One of the important reasons is that designers often simply use Chinese elements as embellishments for simple transplantation and patchwork, and lack their cultural connotation. It is difficult to achieve a perfect fusion of traditional symbols and modern fashion. Only by deeply exploring the ideological concepts, humanistic spirit, and ethical norms contained in Chinese culture, and interposing cultural factors in fashion design and development, can we create a fashion industry with unique charm and contemporary style. Therefore, the following aspects should be grasped in practice.

Nourish the fashion industry with long-standing excellent traditional culture. The splendid and outstanding Chinese traditional culture created by the Chinese nation in its 5,000-year history has accumulated the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation and represents the unique spiritual identity of the Chinese nation. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Many ideas and ethics in the excellent Chinese traditional culture have their values ​​that will never fade, no matter in the past or the present. We must inherit and promote the excellent Chinese traditional culture in accordance with the new era conditions. The spirit of Chinese aesthetics. “Fashion is rooted in culture. China’s unique rich cultural resources and its unique charm can provide more fresh elements for the fashion industry, bring more inspiration to design, and make fashion full of cultural meaning. In this sense, the fashion industry is an important carrier for the close integration of Chinese excellent traditional culture with modern society. Through creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese excellent traditional culture, spare no effort to inject traditional culture into fashion design. To this end, the designer should systematically sort out and excavate excellent traditional cultural resources with a religious and awe-inspiring attitude. For example, gorgeous seedling embroidery, long-lasting summer cloth, and auspicious patterns can all become fashionable elements. The tenon-and-mortise structure in the building, the white line cloth in the calligraphy works, and the flower combination in the blue and white porcelain. Can provide design inspiration for the fashion industry. When design gives people cultural connotation and strikes directly into the soul of each person, it will cause strong resonance. In this way, China’s fashion industry can have a place in the world fashion stage.

Lead the development of the fashion industry with the concept of ecological civilization. Ecological civilization is a new form of civilization following primitive civilization, agricultural civilization, and industrial civilization. Ecological culture is an innovative culture that reflects the harmonious development of man and nature. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “Nature is the mother of life, and man and nature are the community of life. Human beings must respect nature, respect nature, conform to nature, and protect nature.” The fashion industry we want to develop should be designed through the concept of ecological civilization and cultural creativity Effective combination while promoting the sustainable development of human society, it also leads people to continuously improve their lifestyles. On the one hand, the concept of ecological civilization runs through the entire development process of the fashion industry. The development of the fashion industry and the production of fashion products must be carried out on the basis of protecting the natural environment.

For example, the raw materials of fashion products should meet environmental standards and use renewable materials. The refined implementation of the concept of ecological civilization should combine conditions such as customs, aesthetic tastes, and regional characteristics so that the practice of the concept of ecological civilization complements the transformation and upgrading of the fashion industry. On the other hand, integrating the concept of ecological civilization into the fashion industry, leading people to form simple and peaceful lifestyles and consumption habits, transforming people’s pursuit of fashion into a rational return to a beautiful lifestyle that shares the beauty of nature, the beauty of life, and the beauty of life.

Promote the fashion industry to “go global” and enhance the influence of Chinese culture. How to use the “Belt and Road” to build historic opportunities, promote China’s fashion industry to “go global”, and occupy a place in the rapid development of the global fashion industry is both an opportunity and a challenge. As a new type of business with high creativity and high added value, the “going out” of the fashion industry is not only a communication of design and creativity, but also a dissemination of design concepts and lifestyles. It also shows the Chinese spirit and history on the world fashion stage. An important way of context. To this end, we must focus on cultural leadership. Only based on Chinese culture can China’s fashion industry have more thickness, breadth, and depth, and will be different from other countries in essence and show a unique style.

Pay attention to cultural display. Show the Chinese aesthetics in the combination of fashion and culture, fashion and technology, fashion and new media, and show the spiritual concept in the production process of fashion products. Pay attention to brand building. Originality is the life of the fashion industry. Brand building is an important means to inspire outstanding creative ideas and protect originality. It is also a business card for the fashion industry to go global. We should not only pay attention to the cultural treasures of our nation, but also actively absorb advanced foreign cultures, promote the sharing of innovative resources, and complement each other’s innovation advantages, and continuously improve the competitiveness and innovation of China’s fashion industry. An important force in telling Chinese stories globally and enhancing the influence of Chinese culture.

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