D-Fly Group’s Dragonfly Hyper ScooterD-Fly Group’s Dragonfly Hyper Scooter

D-Fly Group’s Dragonfly Hyper Scooter is not like Everything We Saw Before

Hypercar ”is a term that is often used to describe cars with extreme features and price tags. But in this case, the prefix “hyper-” is not applied to the car, but to the electric scooter.

The London transport company D-Fly Group introduced the new Dragonfly Hyperscooter. According to the manufacturer, he will change the idea of ​​the micro-mobility sector.

What makes a dragonfly a scooter? First of all, these are high-quality materials such as carbon fiber, 7000 series aerospace-grade aluminum and paulownia wood.

In addition, the scooter received two engines capable of speeds exceeding 60 km / h, and a generous torque. Traction control is on each axis, the power of which is 1800 watts each.

Inspired by F1 racing, the patented Full-Tilt steering technology utilizes three-dimensional tilt and swivel steering on the center pillar. And finally, on a single charge of the battery, a Hyperscooter can cover a distance of up to 46 km.

The 4.5 “display of the scooter has an ultra-high resolution of 4K. It allows you to access different applications, view speed indicators or use GPS tips. Simply connect the Hypersamok to your smartphone via Bluetooth. In addition, Dragonfly also has a high-quality sound system.

But not a single scooter would have been without a huge price tag. The basic version of Dragonfly on three wheels will cost from $ 5000, and the cost of a four-wheel will be all $ 6000. D-Fly says it will announce the exact pricing closer to the launch date, which is slated for mid-2020.

No Hyperscooter will be so without a crazy price tag

For comparison, the Segway ES2 will cost about $ 479 on Amazon. There are electric scooter models costing up to $ 3,000. But Dragonfly surpassed them all.

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